Hidden Gems of St Andrews

This book is a pictorial celebration of St Andrews, its history and its buildings. St Andrews, variously described as a town, a Royal Burgh and as a city, is a fascinating place.

St Andrews has a wealth of features that visitors and residents probably pass every day without a second glance. Some may be of historic interest, others of architectural significance and many are simply irrelevant to our daily lives. Nevertheless they help make it the town it is, they give it a character and a charm unrivalled in most towns which have much less to offer. There is a combination of old and not so old that can be very pleasing to the eye and yet is often overlooked.

The contents of this book appeared in the ‘St Andrews in Focus’ bimonthly magazine between Issue 52 (May/June 2012) and Issue 81 (March/April 2017). Some extra photographs have been added to enhance each article. The articles aimed to draw attention to some of the features that are in plain sight but often overlooked and give an alternative view of the town. To help identify the locations of the photographs a set of maps is provided. There are 60 pages of photographs and 30 maps showing where the pictures were taken.



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