Scrapers in St Andrews


1 North Street 2 Pilmour Place 3 Ellice Place
4 Rose Lane
5 Crail's Lane 5 Queen's Gardens 5 South Street
7 South Street
8 Queen's Gardens 16 Crail's Lane 25 South Street
49 North Castle Street
23 Bell Street South Castle Street 58 South Street
60 South Street
62 North Street The Pends 126 North Street
144 North Street
Castle Wynd House 150 North Street 65 North Street
20 Queen's Gardens
  52 South Street 56 South Street
23 Bell Street 3 Queen's Gardens 11 Greyfriars Garden
3 Market Street
19 Market Street 18 Greenside Place 22 Greenside Place
21 Market Street
3 Links Crescent 5 Gibson Place 6 Gibson Place
7 Gibson Place
9 Gibson Place Jamieson House,
Gibson Place
St Mary's
3 Kinburn Place The Presbytery 7 Links Crescent
Queen Mary's House


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