Shops in St Andrews


Albany Antiques, Albany Place

1 Albany Place

Chiropractic Clinic, South Street

National Trust for Scotland
South Street

St Andrews Pottery Shop, Church Square

Rock Sensations, South Street

The Art Shop, South Street

Rummage, South Street

Fisher & Donaldson, Church Street
Spokes, South Street
Psyche's Garden, South Street, South Street
The Crystal Shop, South Street
The Golf Shop, Playfair Terrace
The Pro Shop, Playfair Terrace
Auchterlonies, Golf Place
Bonkers, Church Street
The Christmas Shop, Market Street
Butler & Co, Church Street
Health Foods, Market Street
Reiths, Market Street
Kerachers, South Street
Murray Mitchell, Market Street
Jusrite, Market Street
Renton Oriental Rugs, South Street
Artery, South Street
St Andrews Fine Art, Market Street
Bibi's, South Street
Alphabet, South Street
Anyone for Tennis, South Street
Thistle Dae, South Street
Cancer Research, South Street
Chesterhill Therapies, South Street
T G Gosmore, South Street
Millers Tale, South Street
Farmore Interiors, South Street
Intersport, Church Street
The Scottish Shop, South Street
Master Cobbler, Market Street
Mellis Cheesemonger, South Street
Timpson, South Street
Top Drawer, South Street
South Street Gallery, South Street
KK Electrics, South Street
Watch, Bell Street
Tourist Centre, Market Street
Elspeth's, Church Street
White Stuff, Church Street
Byre Box Office, South Street
Simply Scotland, South Street
Elf, South Street
Curiosity, South Street
Gordon Christie, South Street
Hosies, South Street The Little Italian Shop, Bell Street
The Barber's Pole, South Street Barbershop, South Street
G H MacArthur & Son, South Street Barnardo's Bookshop, Bell Street
St Andrews Citizen, Greyfriars Garden Citizen Bookshop, Church Street
Jamie's, South Street
Alchemia, Market Street
Boots, Market Street
Clarks, Market Street
Embrace Life, Church Street
Fat Face, Market Street
Jewel, Market Street
Phase Eight, Market Street
Mail Boxes etc, Bell Street
John Birrell & Son
The Continental Pantry
D. Donaldson
Minick of St Andrews
Linsey's Shoe Box, South Street
Sweetheart, Church Street



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