Door Bells in St Andrews



Bell Pushes (Electrical)
17 South Street 4 Pilmour Place 127 Market Street
16 South Street 6 Queen's Gardens
16 Queen's Gardens
City Park 12 North Street
11 Greyfriars Garden
1 Abbotsford Crescent 45 North Castle Street
5 Ellice Place
18 South Street 18 South Street
2 Lockhart Place
7 Playfair Terrace 8 Playfair Terrace
23 South Street
10 Hope Street 25 South Street
123 North Street
  Rusack's Hotel
9 Greyfriars Garden 52 North Street
125 North Street
144 North Street 2 Playfair Terrace
8 Queen's Gardens
The Lion House St Andrews Golf Club,
The Links
3 Queen's Terrace
4a Queen's Terrace Castlemount
9 Queen's Gardens
16 Queen's Terrace 20 Queen's Terrace
5 Queen's Gardens
1 Gillespie Terrace Granny Clark's Wynd
The End House
3 Kinburn Place Ginger Beer Lodge
Kinburn Castle
3 Market Street 7 Golf Place
The Links
4 Howard Place 56 South Street
Kinburn Place
St Mary's 154 South Street
West Port Hotel
St Andrews Church Rectory 2 Queen's Gardens
2 The Scores
18 College Street Hebdomadar, St Salvator's
140 North Street


St Regulus Hall Gibson Place
16 Greyfriars Garden
3 Howard Place 45 Bell Street
6a Playfair Terrace


Bell Pulls (Mechanical)
6 Pilmour Place Kennedy House
18 Queen's Terrace
7 Links Crescent 9 Gibson Place
19 North Street
36 Argyle Street Edgecliffe
207 South Street
22 City Road  
St Rule Club
12 Murray Place Nethan House, Murray Park
25 Murray Park
4 Queen's Gardens Macintosh Hall
12 Lade Braes 9 Golf Place
Queen Mary's House
  45 Bell Street

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