The Shields of St Andrews


Town Hall


City Arms
Town Hall

110 South Street

Holy Trinity Church
Citizen Bookshop
St Salvator's Quadrangle Arms of Prior Hepburn
Hepburn Hall
Arms of Prior John Hepburn Arms of Scotland
Hospitium Novum, The Pends
Hepburn Arms on the Inscribed Tower
Abbey Wall
Fountain - Market Street
Arms of Bishop Kennedy
St Salvator's Chapel
Madras College

 Arms of Bishop Kennedy
St Salvator's Tower

St Leonard's School

Mason's Lodge
South Street


University House
The Scores

Arms of Prior Hepburn
Nun's Walk

Arms of Cardinal David Beaton
St Mary's College

Hepburn Arms, Psychology
Arms of Prior John Hepburn
Great Eastern, 40 South Street
Abbey Wall

University Hall

Central Bar, Market Street

Bishop Wardlaw's Arms
St Mary's
Emblems of the Passion
St Mary's
Hamilton Arms, St Mary's

University Hall
University Arms, Deans Court

Royal Arms of Scotland,
St Mary's

George Rae
The End House
Balfour Arms
75 North Street
45 Market Street

North Wall of Cathedral Arms over Cathedral Gateway
Arms of Prior Hepburn
St Leonard's Chapel
Mill Port

Hepburn Arms, Hepburn Hall

St Leonards School
(Loose stone)
St Leonard's School
Hepburn Arms
Inside East Wall, Blackfriars
Arms of George Hepburn

Arms of Prior Haldenstone
East side of Roundel
Inside St Rule's Tower
Arms of Prior Haldenstone
The Pends

42 South Street
Martine Arms


Arms of Balfour of Montquhanie
46 South Street
Arms of Monypenny of Pitmelly
52 South Street Skewputt

Preservation Trust Garden

St Salvator's North Gate

Arms of Gavin Douglas

St Leonards

Roof of South Door, St Salvator's

South Door, St Salvator's

Kennedy Arms, United College

Cathedral Wall


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