St Andrews Hoppers

More specifically rainwater hoppers are used to increase the flow of water in a drainpipe in heavy rainfall. Pipes usually run only one-third full but the use of a hopper allows it to run at full capacity due to symphonic action. The hopper acts as a reservoir of water above the downpipe and will also allow more than one pipe to fill the hopper, such as pipes leading from bathrooms and gutters. Hoppers were very popular in Victorian houses and can be very ornate architectural features embossed with patterns, shapes, animals or dates. Unsurprisingly many of the buildings in central St Andrews have rainwater hoppers in a wide variety of styles.



1 City Road

College Hall


127 North Street

Holy Trinity Church



St Leonards Stadium

United College


St Leonards Stadium

66 North Street

14 South Street

18 South Street

90 South Street

99 South Street

15 South Street

19 South Street

6 Pilmour Links

8 Pilmour Links

10 Pilmour Links

16 College Street

6 Playfair Terrace

8 Playfair Terrace

1 Church Street

10 Church Street

12 Church Street

Argyle Lodge

127 Market Street

129 Market Street

90 Market Street

107 Market Street


1 Gregory Place

College Street

209c South Street

Cammo Lodge, City Road

University Hall


The Wynd

St Katherines Lodge

St Salvators Hall

Rusacks Hotel

Queen Mary's House

Lochnagar, 12 Lade Braes

LGU, Gillespie Terrace

Golf Place Flats

Carnegie Building, St Marys

66 Argyle Street


Baptist Church South Street

87 South Street



1 Whitehill Terrace

3 Queen's Gardens

7 Whitehill Terrace

9 Melborne Place

13 Church Street

11 Largo Road

20 Murray Park

32 Largo Road

36 Largo Road

34 Largo Road

50 Largo Road

38 Largo Road

40 Largo Road

66 Bridge Street

158 South Street

Ainslie Villa, Largo Road

Belmar, Largo Road

Old Burgh School

Canmore, The Scores

Ladyhead, North Castle Street

Scores Hotel

The Hirsel



Rokeby, Hepburn Gardens

125 North Street

31 Hepburn Gardens


St Leonards School



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